National Park Lake Skadar - Montenegro

In the immediate vicinity of Petrovac  spreads National park Lake Skadar, which  is the largest lake in Balkan Peninsula.

About  2/3 of the lake belongs to Montenegro, while 1/3 belongs to Albania. River Bojana connects the lake with the Adriatic sea, and it is also an Albanian / Montenegrin border. Size of the lake varies between 370 km2 to 530 km2 depending on season period. Most water income is from river Moraca, but there is also some underground fresh water springs.

Lake Skadar is also one of the largest bird reserves in Europe with over 270 bird species,  among which are some of the last pelicans in Europe. It has also about 40 fish species of which are some endemic.

Virpazar - Montenegro's Lake Skadar

For all nature lovers who are already resting  at Montenegro’s coast,  it is a very easy place to reach. From Petrovac  it takes only 20 minutes  driving to reach Virpazar which is located right next to the main road to Podgorica. You can go via tunnel Sozina, or over the mountain ( Pastrovacka gora ) above the Petrovac  and enjoy  beautiful landscapes.

Virpazar, Montenegro - National Park Lake Skadar

Considering very accessible location and rich offer, Virpazar is one of the most visited places in National park Lake Skadar. It is well known by its cultural heritage, flora and fauna, national cuisine, and variety of outdoor  activities for tourist. From this small and picturesque place you can do: hiking and biking through the villages and Crmnica field, kayaking at Lake Skadar , individual and group boat trips, bird watching, wine tasting, sport fishing  atc. You can as well find private accommodation for reasonable prices and learn about habits and way of living in this unique historical place. ( )


Surrounding places such as Rijeka Crnojevica, villages Godinje and Murici are very interesting to visit and reachable from Virpazar.

Virpazar photo